What is The Standard Pool Table Size

Pool is a popular game played all around the globe. It is one of many cue sports and is played on a table. Six pockets characterise the table; 4 on the corners and two midway along the length of the table. Pool balls, also known as billiard balls, are deposited into these pockets. Players take cues from a pool cue holder to begin.

Playing pool entails using a long stick known as a cue to hit a white ball across the cloth-covered table. The white ball (the cue ball) is the only one meant to be hit by the cue to guide all the other numbered and coloured balls into the pockets.

Pool games may be differently described according to the specification of the game. Some common ones include straight pool, one-pocket pool, bank pool, black ball, or according to the number of balls as in the case of seven-ball, eight-ball, nine-ball, and ten-ball.

The Regulation of Pool

As a professional sport, pool is regulated internationally by the World Pool-billiard Association (WPA). Regional affiliates of WPA foresee the regulation of the game in different parts of the globe. Examples of such affiliates include the All Africa Pool Association (AAPA), Billiard Congress of America (BCA, for the US and Canada), and Oceania Pocket Billiard Association (OPBA, comprising Australia, Pacific Islands, and New Zealand) among others.

Among the aspects regulated by the WPA and its regional affiliates is the size of the pool table. So, what specific guidelines does the association give on the standard size of a pool table?

Standard Pool table size rule: 2:1

Generally speaking, there is no single regulation rule for the size of the Pool table. The guiding stipulation by the WPA is that the table is built on the 2:I ratio rule. In other words, the length should be twice the width.

close up of standard sized pool table

This open rule may explain the diverse sizes of pool tables, including the new style ones commonly known as ‘condo’ which come in sizes smaller than 6ft.

However, if pool is played to fit international standards or in view of taking part in global competitions, specific table sizes are followed. Here are the three standard pool table regulation sizes you will find:

The Bar Size: measures 7ft (Playfield: 39″ X 78″) and is commonly used in coin-operated pool tables mostly found in bars and pubs.

The Standard Size: measures 8ft (Playfield: 44″ X 88″) and is often used for homes and residents.

Summary points

Pool is one of the cue sports played on a table with six pockets (one at each corner and two midway the length of the table.

A pool cue is used to hit the white cue ball to knock all the numbered and coloured balls into the pockets.

As a recreational game, pool can be played on less than 6ft tables commonly known as ‘condo’.

When played to fit international standards or partake in professional tournaments, sports pool is performed on the standard 7ft, 8ft, and 9ft tables.

In all cases, the 2:1 ratio must be followed, implying that the length of the table must be double its width.

Pool is a fun game for friends to enjoy when having a beer or two and a chat. Kids can enjoy playing the game and learning all about it. At the same time, the professional pool players are off playing the game in different tournaments all around the world. For fun or as a professional competitive sport, everyone can find enjoyment in a great game of pool.

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