Tips on How to Shop for Art as Gifts

It’s that time of the year for gift giving in fact all year round there are birthdays, mothers day, engagements, weddings and baby showers to buy gifts for. For an artist or a creator, this festive season is the best moment to showcase your art as gifts. But how can you tell which is the perfect present to give? Not to worry, we have some tips to make it easier for you to decide the perfect gift. Whatever your craft may be, these ideas will surely make your gifts a big hit.

Consider the recipient

Always think the type of person your recipient is. Whatever your craft or art may be, consider if the receiver will be able to understand the significance of the gift so that he/she could appreciate it. For example, a touchy relative cousin who prefers store bought crafts might not be able to value your masterpiece. So consider who in your life can give your work of art a loving home. Perhaps a store bought generic store-bought piece may be more suited for some people.

Personalise it

Adding a personal touch to your homemade gift is the best way to ensure success. For example, as a painter, if you are planning to create a work of art for friends, add a personalized quote or use a style that is meaningful to them so that they can appreciate. Another example would be an artist designing an art print featuring a cupcake riding a unicorn, to personalize it; he added a flag with the recipient’s name. This makes the gift more valuable to the receiver. If you are shopping for a gift, personalize it with some meaningful wrapping paper or includes a personalised homemade card.

Make Something Delicious
If you are a baker or chef, homemade foods are always a hit. However, it is best to evaluate first what would be the perfect food to offer as gifts. Usually, preserved foods are great choices since they do not spoil easily and can be stored for a long time. Homemade granola, cake or cookie mixes, pickles, jams, or spiced nuts can be made in large batches and can be placed in decorative containers. The recipients won’t have to consume them immediately since they are not perishable and these can last when all the holiday goodies are gone. Food is great gifts, you can also buy lovely jars, baskets, and containers to present your gift in.

Give Them Something Cozy

For those who are fond of handicrafts such as knitting and crochets, this is the great time to give gifts that will keep your friends warm. Handmade sweaters, socks, scarves, mittens or hats are always a hit during the cold weather. t is still best to consider the recipient so that they will be able to utilise your gift. Make sure you do not give a hat or beanies to someone who never wears them. Also, be conscious of the colour to use. Check for clues to the colours and style they prefer by checking their usual wardrobe.

Make Functional Art
As an artist, consider using media that can be made into a functional gift. For instance, as a painter, instead of a canvas, use an alternate surface usable by your recipient to create works as hand-painted mugs or candle holder or art storage solutions they can appreciate. Homemade gifts that have a functional use is always helpful.

Become a Product Designer

As an illustrator by profession, I used to give framed illustrations and prints as gifts in the past, but after some time, the need to diversify came up. Experimenting with different media and creating objects featuring my art is quite refreshing. Websites such as Vistaprint or Society 6 allows you to craft countless products using your own artwork and allows you to personalise them as well. I have designed successful gifts such as mugs and stationery, there are places that do sticker printing Melbourne to create unique gifts. You can also make great wall decor using large format printing to create personalised posters.

Wrap it Beautifully

Homemade gifts are very special. Taking time to use the perfect wrapper would also reflect that. Using handmade gift tags or signature wrapping paper adds a personal touch. This ensures that the present is unique and was well thought out.

Set the budget

It’s easy to get carried away by looking at nice but expensive stuff. However, it is always important to stick to a budget so that you won’t be tempted to buy unnecessary things. Having a clear budget will help you eliminate anything that you won’t even consider purchasing due to the price. Online stores can now give you countless options without leaving the comfort of your home. When choosing a gift while on a budget, there are lots of things to consider such as media and form. For example, you can get cheaper versions of artworks on edited print like a photograph or lithograph instead of paintings and sculptures with display plinths.

Think about the space

A large painting could be remarkable; however, if the painting can’t even get through the front door then it would be quite a challenge. Choose an art that is not only proportional to your recipient’s space but would also look good. It must be something that can be displayed in a variety of versatile ways.

Always Frame the Work

A good frame can always add value to an artwork. A $100 art could look up to $1000 with just the right frame. No matter how small the artwork, it is advisable to frame it before gifting even if you use a store-bought frame. However, custom frames could be quite expensive. Engaging your local frame makers is a quick and inexpensive way to go about this.

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