Grocery Shopping: An Important Activity for Elderly People

Can you recall going grocery shopping with your mom when you were a child? We all loved following adults around and admiring all the products. In fact, she probably just needed a couple of minutes so that she could concentrate on getting the best veggies for the upcoming few dinners. Obviously, with my little brother in tow directly behind me and my infant sister in her arms, it was not like she could concentrate entirely on any one task. The supermarket was a family occasion that occurred weekly. There is always a great deal of discussion and interaction on what to eat to the upcoming week and what goods to purchase. I have a sneaking feeling that the cereal aisle is where lots of kids begin to hone in on their discussion skills. Overall, the supermarket is quite a bit more of a social outing than we give it credit for.

When you’ve got a brand-new family, going to the supermarket with the children may also be an exhausting job. You do not just have the logistics of what happens from the supermarket, but you also need to get everybody into the shop and back home again simply to begin another job of unloading all the items. As soon as you arrive at the age in which you don’t need to handle your children in the shop, grocery store shopping becomes a great deal simpler. It gets even better if you’re retired and are only searching for you and your partner. You’ve got a whole lot more time and really can appreciate picking the very best produce. As you get older, but the physical burden of shopping begins to become baffling. It’ll become as exhausting as it was when you had a brand-new household although by this time you’re most likely pushing one of those little grocery baskets and just have it partly filled. Sadly this is a reality for many senior citizens who simply don’t have the same energy and confidence to shop. Let us dissect the areas of grocery shopping when you’re older.


  • Preparing to leave the home: this involves getting dressed and groomed and mentally preparing for the tasks ahead. Seniors may have trouble getting dressed and putting on shoes and this task may take time.
  • Driving into the store: involves getting in and out of their car and walking across the car park. Seniors need to drive slowly and safely if they are able to do so, otherwise having a designated driver is a good idea.
  • Shopping: walking through the aisles, pushing the cart, reaching, lifting items, interacting with the shop assistant and paying for shopping. They may need to bring healthcare equipment such as a walker or wheelchair along for comfort.
  • Going home: walking across the parking lot and getting to the car and transferring groceries into the car.
  • Unloading: carrying the groceries from your car to the kitchen counter, then out of the counter to the pantry/refrigerator.


Though grocery shopping could be physically demanding for the older, however being robbed of visiting the supermarket is most likely among the worst things that may occur. The supermarket is such a significant facet of our societal fabric. It’s communal, it’s physical, and it’s an essential endeavour. With only a small bit of assistance from somebody designated as a grocery assistant, a senior could reap all the advantages of grocery shopping for more than they want without assistance. At some stage, it might be required to have a person go grocery shopping for your senior, but it’s much better to have somebody to go for the senior. A massive side benefit of getting help and creating an event from going to the supermarket is the senior will probably begin to plan more nutritious meals made from quality fresh food instead of picking out pre-packaged meals. When there’s somebody there to help select the very best tomatoes, onions, or avocado, then this may begin to take precedent over choosing convenient prepared meals.

When you look at the societal, physical, and healthy advantages of having a grocery shopping assistant or shopping independently, it’s a no-brainer. Those in aged care facilities don’t have the same luxury of shopping and it is one of the very best and most proactive things you can do to guarantee successful ageing in peace. Seniors will much appreciate helpers to assist with grocery shopping, not only can they complete their shopping but the social aspect is just as helpful. Having a conversation and walking around with a caring assistant will boost the morale and confidence of an elderly citizen and reduce the risk of diseases such as dementia and diabetes. Shopping with the elderly has so many benefits.

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